East Bay Regional Park District Strategic Energy Plan Development and Implementation


The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) operates 65 regional parks, recreation areas, wilderness, shorelines, preserves and land bank areas in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The District contracted NAM to develop a plan to show how the District could significantly improve its energy efficiency, generate much of its needed energy on site, reduce energy costs, and significantly decrease its greenhouse gas emissions.

Newcomb Anderson McCormick performed comprehensive energy audits of over 83% of the District’s total building area of 851,053 square feet, and also evaluated the potential to install PV at every park after efficiency measures. Approximately $1.1 million in retrofit energy projects were identified, including lighting, controls, HVAC, domestic hot water, and pumping projects, as well as $7.2 million in solar photovoltaic (PV) generation projects have been identified.  NAM evaluated the potential for a RES-BCT solar PV project at one site, which would supply the entire District’s PV needs with one system of 1.5 MW. Together, the energy efficiency and PV projects are projected to reduce the District’s energy bill by 78%.

Following the development of the initial plan, NAM provided implementation assistance by overseeing and tracking EBRPD self-installation of the identified energy efficiency projects and coordinating incentive applications with PG&E for all energy efficiency measures. NAM developed the RFP for solar contractors, assisted the District with proposal evaluations and contract negotiations, and provided technical services to review all solar plan sets and construction documents. NAM also served as the owner’s representative for the District throughout the construction of the PV system and assisted the District through the commissioning and utility interconnection processes, and also developed a battery storage feasibility analysis.

Ashley Kang