City of Palm Springs


Newcomb Anderson McCormick has provided a wide range of energy consulting services to the City of Palm Springs, including detailed solar PV feasibility analysis and procurement support for 3 MW of generation capacity across 12 sites, with an estimated construction cost of over $12.7 million. NAM’s initial role serving as third-party peer reviewer for proposed solar generation and cogeneration measures quickly expanded to include developing a comprehensive feasibility study for the City, verifying forecast production and reviewing estimates of utility savings as a point of comparison to the proposed financials. NAM also reviewed high-level system designs for robustness, use of sound engineering principles, and quality of key components. NAM’s role then expanded to serving as the "owner's representative" for each phase of the project, and assisted the City in developing a solar RFP and provided solicitation support, proposal evaluation, contract negotiations, contract administration, and design review.

In addition, NAM’s support to the City not only ensured that the system satisfied grant requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), but also helped the City achieve more favorable pricing, resulting in the installed system capacity being double the initial estimates.

Ashley Kang