County of Alameda Regional Renewable Energy Procurement (R-REP)


The County of Alameda, California contracted NAM to serve as the Technical Advisor and assist 19 agencies through a renewable energy systems procurement. NAM was hired to confirm the feasibility of selected sites and support the economic modeling of the program, development of the procurement process and documents, creation of specifications for PV, thermal and fuel cell projects, evaluation of vendor proposals, and assisting with the negotiation of contracts. In addition to the delivery of specifications and financial analysis, our scope included conducting workshops to educate stakeholders about solar technology, economics, and the process of procurement and implementation. Estimated construction costs for projects developed through the program were over $112 million.

Newcomb Anderson McCormick performed economic modeling of over 130 sites, provided technical specifications for all technologies deployed under the program (including PV, solar thermal, and fuel cells), and developed evaluation scenarios for ownership and third-party financed projects.

Ashley Kang