Southern California Edison


Southern California Edison’s (SCE) has contracted with NAM on an ongoing basis for technical support for energy project and pipeline development for SCE’s institutional customers, including Higher Education and the State of California. Key elements of NAM’s contracted support to SCE and its customers include the following:

  • Audits and Pipeline Development: At the direction of SCE, NAM visited individual customers, conducted audits and worked with facilities staff, contractors, engineers and other involved parties to obtain the information necessary to develop and or vet energy savings calculations for the purposes of initial estimation of project savings and costs. With the intent of ultimately developing savings calculations for Prop 39 and SCE incentive applications, NAM conducted site visits and collected additional data and information deemed necessary to support the efficient development of incentive-grade savings calculations. Deliverables included audit reports with energy efficiency project recommendations, costs and savings calculations.

  • Project Development: In this capacity, NAM packages, processes and submits all paperwork for obtaining SCE rebates, SCE On-Bill Financing and Prop 39 funding applications.  This includes as-needed support to fulfill technical reviewer requirements in order to obtain funding approval on behalf of SCE customers from conducting pre- and post-installation inspections, developing and re-calibrating energy models and savings calculations to submitting final close-out documentation.

  • Project Status Tracking and Reporting: In an effort to keep open lines of communication about project technical support efforts, funding statuses and accurate project forecasts, NAM manages an internal status summary of the projects being developed, applications being created, and facilitates and maintains the communication of status of current technical support efforts to the SCE Program Manager or Account Representatives on a monthly basis, prior to larger stakeholder and management meetings or as needed.

  • RCx Program Support: NAM provides project scoping, application and implementation support to help SCE CCC customers participate in a RCx program offerings. In addition, NAM also provides SCE with a feedback loop for program and process improvements, including the development of program tools and templates, tracking and regular program enhancement recommendations.

Ashley Kang