City of Manhattan Beach


Newcomb Anderson McCormick was contracted to identify and to recommend projects that address the City’s stated objectives to reduce its environmental impact and operating costs, and to provide a specific, detailed course of action for the City to reach these goals through the assets it owns and operates, namely facilities, parks, and street lighting.

NAM evaluated the potential to install energy conservation measures and renewable energy across the City’s facilities, parks, and street lighting. NAM also evaluated funding mechanisms and utility programs and tariffs for identifying the most efficient and economically-advantageous implementation pathway. Approximately $4 million in retrofit energy projects were recommended based on applicable low and no interest funding pathways which are projected to save over 2.2M kWh/year or about $392,000 in utility bill reductions. The measures included interior and exterior lighting, controls, HVAC, and building envelope upgrades. NAM also provided a stand-alone study on the City’s street lighting, which focused predominantly on opportunities for nearly 1,000 SCE-owned street lighting available for purchase. NAM evaluated the feasibility of purchasing street lights from SCE and deploying wireless mesh network technology across its street lighting population to generate revenue, enhance broadband access and address other city oversight and management functions. A plan and approach for the City to purchase and convert all of the street lighting from LS-1 to LS-2 utility tariff and to convert the fixtures to high-efficiency light-emitting diode technology (LEDs) was presented, along with the estimated project costs, potential energy savings, carbon dioxide offset and utility bill savings.

Ashley Kang