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All California community colleges are eligible and encouraged to participate.


Due to the nature of the devices, we are primarily interested in buildings and areas with a high density of office workspaces (private and open office), plus surrounding major plug load devices (e.g. network copiers, kitchenettes, etc.).

We are also considering other types of areas with large plug load devices: gyms, teaching kitchens, machine shops or other workshops with electric equipment, computer labs, and electric vehicle charging stations (120 or 240V, typically golf carts and not larger vehicles).



Ibis Intellisocket

  • Ideal for plug loads with routine schedules

  • The Ibis Intellisocket enables power to be scheduled off when it's not needed

  • To override the Ibis Intellisocket controls and restore power during normal "off hours", simply push the green override button on the unit

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Embertec Emberstrip 8PC+

  • For use with PC and noncritical peripherals

  • The Emberstrip 8PC+ enables you to control how much energy your devices use when not turned on or in use

  • The PC itself is plugged into "always on" - it will never lose power

  • When software detects user is absent, power supply to "peripherals," e.g. desk lamp, monitors, will be cut off

  • The Emberstrip 8PC+ is managed through your PC software and allows you to specify if and when each device has power-saving features enabled

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  • Interface allows remote detection of unusual energy-use patterns indicating operational issue (e.g. virus, broken printer)

  • Free plug load control equipment

  • Free system installation

  • Energy bill reductions can be $17,000 per year and greater depending on scope of installation

  • Energy-savings monitoring and verification services included

  • Helping your campus save energy!


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